Footbrands is your specialist in Europe for branded footwear and hosiery. We celebrate the most famous brands on these everyday essentials. With our own design studio, innovative people and awesome brands we are always off the beaten path.


  • Love is in the air!

    Love is in the air!

    These socks are not to mix and match. The splitted socks are the perfect way for storytelling.

  • Ojo fabulous

    Ojo fabulous

    Why wearing boring legwear when you can have Ojo?

  • Welcome to the empire

    Welcome to the empire

    Be a beach trooper with these cool flip flops!

  • We make a rainy day fun!

    We make a rainy day fun!

    With these Sesame Street rain boots it is allowed to jump in the puddles.

  • A dotty kind of day

    A dotty kind of day

    For the cold and cosy days, keep their toes extra snug.

  • Be the man of steel!

    Be the man of steel!

    Even a super hero wants comfy feet.

  • Playing it cool

    Playing it cool

    Feel like a snow queen walking around the house in these cosy homeshoes.

  • Hello Summer!

    Hello Summer!

    Always be in a flip flop state of mind!

  • THAT


    Fashionable sport socks for your inner astronaut.